Awakening the Senses

How do you like to start your day? Have you ever thought about including fragrance in your morning routine? We often associate using candles and wax melts with evening time and relaxation. However, adding them to your morning can really enhance how you begin your day.

We all know our senses need a bit of waking up after the land of nod but you may have never thought of how awakening your sense of smell can give you a shake up! You know that smell of freshly ground coffee? According to, "Smells can trigger good feelings, memories, and even trauma, so it is no wonder that the smell of coffee triggers feelings of wakefulness. Coffee drinkers smell the coffee and this signals the brain that caffeine is indeed on the way, which provides stimulation."

That information is so interesting! For me, the smell of coffee actually reminds me of travelling, and more specifically, travelling by airplane. I've many memories of travelling by air as a child and I really link that coffee smell to being on flights. It's bizarre isn't it! I would love to know what memories coffee triggers for you.

Anyway, back to the morning routine and what fragrances help wake me up. For me, anything zingy and citrusy smells AMAZING in the morning. I have a lemon face wash and if I really close my eyes and imagine, I feel like I could be about to start my day in Sicily 🍋 It's really comforting but also invigorating at the same time.

What fragrances do you like to smell in the morning? We offer a whole range of scents in various forms (wax melts are my favourite) that can help enhance the start to your day. Like I've just mentioned, citrus can be a fantastic scent if you wish to feel energised. Citrus smells are linked to increased levels of serotonin in the body which naturally stabilises your mood and is known as the "happy" chemical. Our São Paulo Sundays collection features both lemon and blood orange - perfect for stimulating the mind.

Herbal scents, on the other hand, such as lavender or rosemary (in our Hampshire Countryside range) can help if you're looking for a slower, more relaxed start to your day. Perhaps you are doing a yoga class and are looking for something calming. Eucalyptus (in our Roman Eventide range) is another for helping to reduce stress levels and it can have a soothing effect on the mind.

Reed diffusers are a great way of having fragrance in your house 24/7 without the need for any flames. Perhaps a diffuser in your bathroom in your favourite morning scent is an easy way of introducing fragrance into your morning routine. If you work from home, candles and wax melts are something you could try having on your desk for gentle waves of fragrance as you work.


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