Exciting Changes

Hello! I wanted to let you all know about some exciting news… we have moved into a new studio! As a family, we have actually moved house too (well, in the process of doing so whilst it gets refurbished and renovated) so we have officially left London. We’re now residing in Hampshire which meant finding a new location for our Olivine and Ruby business to work from.

Our new studio is split into two; Studio Son my partner’s photography business is operating out of one half and the candle studio is on the other. We work as a great little partnership so we’re so pleased we managed to find a premises that works for the both of us. It’s a beautiful building, all brand new, and we feel super super lucky to be working from it.

Today was my first day at the new studio and I actually got to complete a whole load of admin work and make some scented candles too! Luckily I was super organised when packing up all my tools, stock and equipment when we left London so I was able to access everything and put it all into it’s new home with ease. It’s been non-stop for us as a company and also as a family since the new year (and before too, who am I kidding!?) but now we’ve at least moved into the studio, I can take a tiny little sigh as that’s one huge job complete. 

I managed to make up some stock this morning and also continue planning a few new products. I can finally dedicate some thinking time to producing and testing some new things that have been in the pipeline for a very long time. You may not know but candle making takes up some serious space physically and mentally, so only now am I properly considering branching out into new product lines. It’s all very exciting.

If you haven’t yet, please follow us on Instagram for updates on our new studio and to see what we’re up to as a business. It’s always lovely to see you following our journey with us.

Take care,

Charlotte x

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