Happy 1st Birthday to Us!

This Sunday 20th June, it would have been exactly one year since I opened up the doors to the Olivine and Ruby business. Our website went live and we were officially in motion. I remember feeling so nervous for what the day would bring; would the website work properly even after months of testing? Would anyone want to buy any of my products? Did anyone even care?

My thoughts were calmed when the first few supportive orders started coming in. Wow - I had actually done it! By the end of the day, my heart was full with how much people really did care and were interested in my little hand crafted soy candles. It was the best feeling in the world. The next day and the Monday, I spent hours packaging up my first set of real orders - almost half from customers I didn't even know! So satisfying. It gave me a real boost for what was to come.

Twelve months later, I am writing this blog post from my own studio, surrounded by more than just scented candles but now diffusers, soy wax melts and candle accessories plus more in the pipeline. Our range has expanded as well as the space I make in and the tools I use. I have more space for growth and I never thought that in one year I'd be where I am now. My soy wax candles are in a retail store, we've been in publications, we've been doing craft markets and more... Milestones like this are so important as they actually make you just pause for a second and reflect.

That's why I want to use this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to you, my lovely customers who have been incredibly supportive in helping make my business dreams come true. You have put faith in my products and come back for more and that is the greatest gift ever. It has spurred me on to create more, be courageous and really go for it. So again, thank you.


Charlotte x

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First well done for your newish adventure. I have been a customer since the beginning. I wanted to speak to you about a big order I just placed but could not get through to you privately and this seems the only way so I hope you do not mind. I wanted to ask that as I have placed a bigger order than I thought I had (not that I mind!) but just if you would consider a discount or voucher for my next order. I do not usually spend so much and it would be helpful if there was a discount on this occasion rather than perhaps sending some items back. Thanks for any help and I will give a good feedback even if the answer is no!.
Regards Sue

SUE DEAR November 15, 2021

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