Roman Eventide - a Wintery Warmer

Hello all, welcome to a new year (can I still get away with saying happy new year even though it's the 9th Jan?!) Of course I can, why not... wishing you lots of positivity for the 12 months ahead. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

It has already been a funny start to 2021 with yet another lockdown and the nation feeling so very deflated at more negative news. I don't know why I thought it, but I had this silly idea that as soon as the new year hit, Covid would just disappear as though it was just 2020's problem. That hasn't happened of course, but I so wish it had. Anyway, I really do not want to spend my blogging time thinking about the dreaded C word when what I'm really here for is to talk about our precious Roman Eventide scented candles. Make way for one of our best sellers!

Roman Eventide was one of the first fragrances I made when I started out candle making. I was and still am very drawn to clove notes in fragrances as it feels like a warm cuddle, so it was always on the books that I'd use this magical spice. I'm talking to you about our eucalyptus and clove scent today as it is the perfect winter warmer. Now our luxurious 'Yuletide in London' has left the collection after its Christmas debut, I wanted to show you what else was on offer as the ideal scented candle to get us through the next few cold months ahead.

Roman Eventide is based on our trip to Rome we took a few years ago. We actually went in the spring time but the vibe I got from the beautiful capital city was that it was a very sensual, romantic place so spice and wood notes felt very fitting. We absolutely fell in love with Rome, especially at night time when we would saunter out of our hotel for dinner every evening and soak up the alluring atmosphere outside. I don't know what it was about Rome, but it just made me want to eat, drink, stay out late and walk for miles, getting lost in the dreamy, lit up city. I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would and would really love to go back and do it again. I will be writing another blog all about places, landmarks and restaurants we visited whilst on our trip there, so watch this space.

Our Roman Eventide scented candle has top notes of fresh and zingy eucalyptus, a heart of spicy, warm clove, cinnamon and orange and lingering base notes of sweet woods. Did you know that orange and eucalyptus oils have been known to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression?

We think this comforting fragrance is a beautiful winter warmer, perfect for cosy evenings with red wine, reminiscing about life. We have had it lit non stop in our house throughout January so far - it is a real winner. Have a look at our customers reviews about Roman Eventide so see what others are saying about it.

Anyway, that is all from me for now. Have a lovely week and take care. Be safe,

Charlotte x


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