Wax Melts have arrived

We're SO excited to now have soy wax melt boxes up on our website. They're something we've been working on for a while, alongside lots of reed diffuser testing, so it's wonderful to finally have a new product up on the site.

What's more, we have a new fragrance on the list too - how exciting. It's called 'Winchester Reverie' and is based on the beautifully, quaint city of, you guessed it, Winchester! It's the most stunning floral fragrance with notes of a whole bouquet of flora. Stay tuned for another blog coming soon which explains the background story of this new scent.

Wax melts are something I have been using for a couple of years now, but before that, I never thought about using them. Now I'm addicted. They are a fantastic way of bringing fragrance into the house in a different form. I'm used to burning fragranced container candles, yet with wax melts, you can choose the style of vessel you burn them in... We love trying out different wax burner styles. We're even considering getting some bespoke made burners to sell on the website that'll be exclusive to O&R. So many ideas.

Our wax melts come in a set of four large domes and each dome gives fragrance for on average ten hours! You can light a new 4 hour tea light time and time again before the scent runs out. Whats more, each fragrance we do has a particular dried botanical inside which complements the scent.

We particularly love the São Paulo ones as they contain dried lemon - so gorgeous with the blood orange and herbaceous verbena notes. As with all of our scented candles, each box also comes with a care card which explains how to use your wax melts and a little bit of safety information if you are new to them. Did you see our Instagram time lapse reel of us melting one?

Would love to hear your thoughts or reviews on them! 

Take care,

Charlotte x

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