Where and when shall I burn my scented candles?

We have and will be spending a lot more time in our homes than ever before. Although we’re living in uncertain times many of us are getting used to a newer life spending more time in the comfort of our living spaces. Many of us are now using the rooms in our homes for other purposes such as an office, gym or even a classroom setup for our children. We have to get used to the idea of our houses becoming more functional than they’ve ever been! That is why I think it’s important to be able to, at the end of the working day, separate our working lives from the restful, sanctuary, safe space that we call home.

I don’t know about you, but I can only relax when my living space is tidy and all clear of any work related stuff - house work included! When all is how I prefer it to be, I can then take a well deserved break by lighting a candle and chilling out. Self care and all that! Remember though, candle lighting isn’t just for relaxation. Many people use scented candles for all sorts of things. Personally, we light them all over our home for different uses. Below, I have compiled a list of places and ways in which you can use your candles as more than just a tool for relaxation, especially as we are now spending many more hours at home.

WHERE: Kitchen/dining spaces

WHEN: After cooking to clear away any food odours

WHICH SCENT:  Did you know that natural soy wax scented candles can help eliminate any unwanted smells in the home? So therefore any of our Olivine and Ruby candles will work for this task! Particularly strong fragrances that have citrus or spicy notes may be best for quick fixes.

WHERE: Bathroom - near to the bath tub or shower

WHEN: Unwinding with your favourite bath treats. My favourite type of self care is having a bubble bath and a drink with a candle lit!

WHICH SCENT: Roman Eventide in our small size is perfect for the job. It has beautiful warming clove notes that smell heavenly and calming - a real spa like experience, especially when having a hot bath during winter.

WHERE: Wherever your working from home set up is

WHEN: If you are in need of some motivation or a mood lift

WHICH SCENT: São Paulo Sundays in a Classic size is fresh and invigorating - the blood orange may help uplift your mood and the verbena could help with concentration. If you’re wanting something mellow during work related zoom calls, Florentine Gardens’ florals are calming and gentle.

WHERE: In the bedroom

WHEN: Unwinding before bed or whilst doing evening routines before sleep

WHICH SCENT: Avenida de Rio in our small size. It’s sophisticated and gentle and the light fruity notes add a little freshness before bed that are not overpowering.

WHERE: Socialising spaces around the house

WHEN: Any time you are looking to entertain (Covid permitting!)

WHICH SCENT: Hong Kong Nights is my go to fragrance here. Lots of customers report to liking spicy fragrances so the heart notes of cinnamon, clove and oriental ylang ylang are a perfect combination and add a luxurious smell to your home.

WHERE: Hallways of your home

WHEN: Easing into the morning routine 

WHICH SCENT: I have suggested putting your candle in the hallway when starting your day, as you may find you pass through it often when getting ready and going from room to room. It is so lovely doing a morning burn of Goan Fields in the Classic size as I find it eases me into my day, especially as it's fragranced with energy boosting blackcurrant and stress relieving cedarwood.

WHERE: A calming space in your home

WHEN: During yoga, meditation or exercise

WHICH SCENT: São Paulo Sundays is a great fragrance to help with getting in the zone for concentration. Citrus is also a powerful tool in helping to relieve anxiety and stress.

WHERE: Outside in the garden

WHEN: Cosy outdoor evenings all year round (even in winter, minus the rain though!)

WHICH SCENT: Candles are great mood setters as their light is warming and cosy. They make really pretty decoration in the evening when there is little natural light present. Different candle fragrances work well in different seasons. For spring, Florentine Gardens gives a gentle, floral freshness. For summer, São Paulo Sundays or Avenida de Rio are popular fruity choices. Hong Kong Nights or Goan Fields are ideal for autumnal notes and in winter, our limited edition Christmas scent (coming soon) or Roman Eventide for spice!

And there we have it, a mini guide on where and when to burn your scented candles. I hope it has given you a little inspiration. Remember to always burn your candles safely - keep away from draughts, don’t move a lit candle, don’t let children or pets go near them. Check the bottom of your Olivine and Ruby candle and candle care card for further safety guidelines.

Will you be lighting a candle this evening? I certainly will. It will most likely be Florentine Gardens in my living room as it's my ultimate favourite. Thanks for reading!

Take care,


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