Why wait to use your favourite things?

Do you own anything that you wish to "keep for best"? Some customers say our scented candles are too beautiful to burn! It's a lovely compliment. They are ornamental, and people do purchase a candle as an object to decorate their home and perhaps not to use it for its purpose.

However, it is undeniable that they will miss out on the experience of burning a scented candle. To me, it is an experience. It's something I look forward to every evening, as to me, lighting my scented candles signifies time for relaxing. As a busy mother of two toddlers, time by myself or with my partner at the end of a long day is precious, so we always make the most of it by packing away the day, tidying the toys, lighting my soy wax candles and putting our feet up.

So in that respect, lighting scented candles to me is a form of ritual I suppose; it makes me feel good. That is why I always try to encourage customers to see their candle as a beautiful ornament, but also use it for its purpose. Otherwise they will be missing out on those gorgeous, sensual feelings of hygge ( if you know, you know!) and letting the fragrance fill the room as they relax by a gentle flame. There's something so unique about that.

So why keep your most favoured things for best? I personally feel that no matter the value of said item (whether it's an expensive vintage handbag or precious chinaware just waiting for an occasion to be used), use it! Enjoy it, love it, appreciate it for its value but also its function. Why store away these things for a special occasion that may never materialise? I think there is something so important about only owning things that spark joy and are used (Marie Kondo anyone?!). It makes us appreciate what we have. That's why I feel there is never a more better time than to use all of those beautiful things that you own, because if not now, then when? Just food for thought.

Anyway, that's all from me today - I hope you're all starting to feel even more festive. If you are wanting that cosy, hygge feeling at home, why not try our most festive, warming scented candles: Roman Eventide, Hong Kong Nights and Yuletide in London. They are my firm favourites at the moment!

Take care,
Charlotte x



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