Classic candle

Ideal for living rooms and hallways. Make sure you purchase the right sized candle for the space you are intending to burn it in as this is important for even scent distribution.

Small Candle

Burns well in bathrooms or on bedside cabinets away from any flammable items.

It’s vital you read the important safety information that is displayed on the bottom of your candle as well as on the back of the candle care card that will arrive inside your candle’s signature box.


Burn Time

We recommend you do not burn your candle for longer than 4 hours at a time.

Keep your lit candle on a flat surface out of reach of pets, children and draughty areas. Ensure you do not move your candle as the candle glass can get very hot during its burn.

Straightening Your Wick

In the rare occasion that you find your candle wax is burning unevenly, extinguish it and use a wick dipper tool to gently push your wick straight and then relight.

After The Burn

The Snuffer

To extinguish your candle flame, you can use a bell-shaped tool called a candle snuffer. Snuffing gently starves the flame of oxygen until it is put out without leaving debris in your melt pool. Remember to not move your candle whilst it’s still hot.

Trimming Your Wick

Before your next burn, make sure you trim your candle’s wick. Start as you mean to go on and prolong the life of your candle by using a wick trimmer to gently snip off the burnt wick.

 Cut it down to 5mm before you next light it and this will prevent black soot, an uneven flame and wax melt pool. Silver, gold and copper wick trimmers, snuffers and wick dippers are available to purchase from the candle accessories page.


Your finished candle

When to stop burning

Stop burning your candle when you reach around 5mm from the bottom.

Scrape away any remaining wax from your glass using a spoon and put it in the bin along with the wick. Use hot, soapy water to clean away any remaining residue.

Re-using your glass vessel

Your glass will then be ready to recycle or re-use wherever you wish. We use ours for drinks glasses!

We do not offer a refill service as it would be dangerous for your glass to be reheated at candle burning temperatures for a second time round. Glass becomes weaker when it is heated to very high temperatures and we would not want to put our customers at risk by reusing the glass as a candle container.