A Passion for Places

Behind every brand, there is a story. Here is ours.

We decided to base our signature candles on places around the world as an ode to our love of travel. They pay homage to some of mine and my partners favourite places that we’ve travelled to and they remind us fondly of times passed. Did you know that, as humans, our sense of smell plays a huge part in our recollection of memories? That’s why fragrances can feel so memorable and tangible to us. A smell can take you back somewhere in a click of your fingers. How powerful is that?

Moments, Memories, Sentiments

We thought it would be a great idea to create scented candles based on significant moments, memories and sentiments so when we burn them at home we can reminisce together about our special times. For example, one candle in our collection is centered around our time in São Paulo in Brazil. We adored our Sundays spent on Avenida Paulista. The avenue would be closed off to all cars and traffic every Sunday, and instead would be filled with food stalls, markets, band stands, music, runners, dog walkers, cyclists, skateboarders, roller skaters... You name it, they were there! Like a mini festival every Sunday on the avenue.

When we visited one Sunday morning, we bought some old, little Brazilian trinkets in a market under the Museum of Art building, watched an indie band play in a leafy area just off the avenue and ate hot dogs whilst sat on the side of the street watching a kids magic show. There was such a sense of community there, it was wonderful. I named our citrusy candle 'São Paulo Sundays' because the scent is invigorating and reminds me to let go and enjoy myself. Just how I felt when we were there.

We yearn to be outdoors, travelling the world and exploring the planet. We are in awe of all the different cultures, foods, music, streets and lifestyles out there and discovering them is our favourite thing to do as a couple.


Alongside our passion for all things travel, we absolutely adore the concept of ‘hygge’ over here at Olivine and Ruby. Hygge, a Danish word and concept, is a feeling or moment of pleasure, comfort, joy or content either spent with loved ones or alone.

My ultimate winter hygge moment is being with my family sat around the living room open fire, logs crackling away, watching a movie and passing around a tray of milk chocolates. In summer, my favourite hygge feeling is laying in a luscious park, my face absorbing warm rays from the sunshine and seeing my children playing.

Hygge is a state of feeling present and content - something that gives you those fuzzy feelings in your stomach. We have these when travelling but also when we’re in the safe haven we call home. Scented candles fit perfectly into the hygge concept; relaxing in a cosy living space surrounded by a gentle flicker of a candle and a glass of something special.

All of our soy wax candles are a personal little insight into our connection with wonderful locations, married with the cosy feelings of hygge.

We really hope our scented candles can inspire you to visit all of the current locations of the Olivine and Ruby collection or they perhaps enable you to take your own trip down memory lane. We love reflecting on our trips away as it is often where we make some of our most valuable memories in life.

Founder & Director