Moments, Memories, Sentiments


We hope our fragrances will trigger nostalgic memories within our customers as they burn and enjoy the scent of our candles.

Perhaps this may inspire them to travel to the destination linked to their candle and yearn to experience different cultures and ways of life just like we do.


Hand Crafted

Affordable Luxury

Responsibly made using quality ingredients and equipment, Olivine and Ruby candles are intricately handcrafted and poured.

Our ethos is centered around being affordable but driven by quality.

Responsibly Made


We use 100% natural, vegan-friendly vegetable soy wax with cotton, lead-free wicks. It was so important for us to create a clean burning candle that we would be comfortable burning in our own home around our small children.

Clean Burning

All too often, some candles are made with dangerous mineral or paraffin based waxes that are toxic when inhaled. Therefore, we chose to make our candles with slow burning soy wax which does not soot or pollute the air in our home. We also only use carefully created fragrance oils that are specifically formulated for use in candles and are completely cruelty free and vegan.

‘‘It was important for us to create a clean burning candle we would be comfortable burning in our own home’’


Reusable Glass Vessels

Our candle vessels are reusable once you have finished your candle and just need a good clean before use around the home (new whiskey glass anyone?!).

100% recyclable

Rest assured that we use very little to no plastic in the rest of our candle packaging. The box and mailing material used is all 100% recyclable and the non-plastic film used to keep your white box sparkling bright while in transit is completely compostable and biodegradable.